Anticonvulsant medication can treat Epilepsy effectively

Nowadays, a lot of people suffering from epilepsy are looking for reliable and effective treatments. Topamax is proved to be most effective anticonvulsant used for treating epilepsy. Topamax is also used with other medicines to control seizures. Topamax is considered as generic topiramate and is useful in treating severe seizures and mild seizures as well.

Topamax is used for children and adults and is approved by FDA. This medicine is also very helpful in relieving migraine headaches. Apart from this, it is useful in treating Lennux-Gastaut syndrome, obsessive compulsive and traumatic stress disorder.

Topamax is approved by FDA , the only anticonvulsant getting approval from FDA treats mild to severe seizures and also helps with autism problems.

Start Slowly

When you start taking Topamax dose, it is better to start with a low dose and gradually increase the dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Overdose of this medication can lead to problems and thus it should be taken in right dosage to keep problems away.

Some common  symptoms of this medication are agitation, bone pain, depression, increased hunger, fainting, stomach pain, convulsion, stress etc.,

You need care while you take Topamax

While taking this medication you need care. Take only the generic after discussing with the physician. Avoid the medication if you are suffering from liver or kidney disease, asthma, bronchitis, glaucoma and in case you had undergone any surgery, do not take this medication.

Pregnant women should speak to their doctor before you start with this medicine. Though the effects of this medicine aren’t tested or verified, still if you are pregnant, doctor’s suggestion is must.

You should take this medicine as per your doctor’s advice to avoid related side effects. You can take this medicine with food or without food.

Do not take double dose even if you miss one dose. If you forget first dose and don’t take it along with second dose. You can skip first dose to avoid overdose of this medicine.

Anticonvulsants are normally used to prevent the reoccurrence of seizures and also terminate electrical and clinical activity. Anticonvulsants are reserved for treating people having higher risk of recurrent seizures.

More than 60% of people suffering from epilepsy are treating using anticonvulsants. Many patients also get adverse effects using these drugs whereas others suffer from seizures that are stubborn to medical therapy. For individuals having more than one unprovoked seizure, anticonvulsant treatment is recommended.  Anticonvulsants are normally not recommended till the patient has chances for recurrence.

Anticonvulsant medication is backbone for seizure treatment. The choice of drug depends on accurate diagnosis on one’s epileptic syndrome because response to a particular anticonvulsant varies among different syndrome types.

Anticonvulsants have their own mechanism to treat various types of seizure. Neurologists treat different seizures with different anticonvulsants depending upon the diagnosis and its results. For people suffering with epilepsy, your neurologist can help you know which anticonvulsant will work better for you. Trust your neurologist and follow his/her instruction to avoid any problems and get rid of epilepsy safely.

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