Carpal Tunnel Exercises Before And After Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is neuropathic condition stemming from the compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. It’s common manifestations are pain, paresthesia and numbness on the hands and wrists. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, one of the most common causes of this illness is constant typing. However , recent studies have also confirmed the contribution of genetics in its development. Palliative treatment for CTS includes the application of night splints as well as corticosteroid injections. Curative treatment, meanwhile, involves surgery. And preventive measures encompassed regular carpal tunnel exercises.

When you begin to feel a tingling, stinging sensation on your wrists after typing, consider resting them for a while. The duration will mostly be dependent on how much pain is felt. While resting, you could ice your wrists for 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice an hour, to decrease the throbbing. To add, you could also take NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. During the five minute rest intervals, you could additionally perform this carpal tunnel exercise routine to aid in relaxing the wrist muscles.

First, extend and stretch both wrists and fingers with palms facing forward. Hold them for a count of 5.

Then relax fingers and straighten both wrists.

With arms stretch out, make a tight fist with both hands.

Afterwards, bend your wrists downward with the fist still intact. Keep it this way for 5 counts.

And then relax both hands again and keep both wrists straight for five seconds.

Repeat the previous steps ten times and then to culminate the exercise, shake your hands loosely for 10 to fifteen counts.

And at night, it would be best if you use a wrist splint to keep your wrist in neutral position. This will take the pressure off your median nerve and keep you from aggravating the condition. Now, if you have decided to correct the ailment with surgery, it imperative that you execute these carpal tunnel surgery exercises to hasten your recovery.

Extend and bend your fingers slowly with your arms stretched out.

Then make a fist and hold it for 5 counts.

Afterwards, relax your fingers and begin connecting your thumb to your pinky.

Apply pressure on both finger pads for 3 seconds and then relax.

Repeat 10 times during a routine and keep at it two to three times a day, until you can make it an hourly regimen.

For advanced carpal tunnel surgery exercises, you can perform the ulnar glide stretch out your arms to the side with your hands in a stop position. Afterwards, bend your elbows and have your hands reach out to your ears. As you get closer, bend your wrists further so you have them pointing towards your shoulders. After 5 counts, relax, and then repeat the whole thing 10 to 12 times.

You can have someone help you initially with the steps and then move on to doing them independently when you are feeling better. So long as you get to do them as how they are prescribed as frequently as they are urged, you are bound to recover from CTS in no time

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