Chronic Back Pain Leads to Depression

Depression is directly related to emotions and is common among people suffering from chronic back pain. The depression continues to exceed beyond a normal sadness or feeling low for a couple of days.

Depression is a common problem with people suffering from chronic back pain as compared to people suffering from acute chronic back pain. Looking at the symptoms below you can make out how the depression develops in people suffering from chronic back pain.

  • Severe pain makes you feel restless and leads to sleeping disorders which also leads to irritability and fatigue.
  • Patients suffering from pain also need to stay at home taking care of every movement of theirs, taking care and moving slowing and staying away from their loved ones most of the time. This leads to complete social isolation and various enjoyable activities.
  • As the patient is unable to move, they cannot go out to work and face financial problems which again lead to stress.
  • Apart from pain, they might suffer from gastrointestinal distress because of medication (anti-inflammatory) and feel dull due to pain relief medicines.
  • The pain also leads to lack of concentration and impact on memory.
  • The sexual activity is also effected which leads to problems in personal relationships and stress in individual’s life.

Diagnosis for Chronic Pain and Depression

One of the major problems that occur in treating depression in patients suffering from chronic back pain is diagnosis which is missed out. This problem occurs because of two reasons the patients do not come to know that they are suffering from depression and doctor is not finding out depression, which needs to be treated. The patients suffering from chronic back pain consider their problem as medical problem only and do not check for their mental health. The patient starts thinking only of pain and feels that once the pain vanishes, the depression will go off, but forget the fact that the depression is not letting them deal with pain easily and also leading to other health problems. In such cases the treatment given for chronic back pain fail as the depression remains untreated.

Simultaneous treatment for Chronic Back Pain and Depression

Treatment chronic back pain and depression should go simultaneously to see best results. It needs a specialized approach and is believed that both these problems should be treated simultaneously. The treatment for depression includes proper counseling, training, and relaxation anti-depressant medicines.

Sometimes treatment of chronic back pain also includes physical rehabilitation in order to normalize patient’s life, restore function and help patient deal with pain with peace and proper medication. Treatment for both depression and chronic back pain helps the patient gain control over pain in a positive way.

Well, at such stage the patient needs support from both health professionals and his family members so that he/she can deal with pain as well as related emotional and physical problems and recover soon. The patient can manage pain with support and counseling. Depression can lead to several health problems and this should not be ignored while diagnosing a patient suffering from chronic back pain.

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