Ear Non-nociceptive Health Care Earphone

Considering the health of people ears, SFYH. com introduce two earphones for you:

First one is Ear Non-nociceptive Earphone: The utility model provides a pair of pain-free earphones, mainly comprising a sounder and a signal wire. The utility model is characterized in that the two ends of the deckplate which can be worn on the head are both provided with a connecting box, wherein the interior of the connecting box is connected flexibly with an L-shaped radius rod, and the other end of the radius rod is connected with a link rod via a threaded shaft and a nut; the end of the link rod is connected with the sounder, wherein the front par of the sounder is provided with a microphone, and the rear part of the sounder is provided with a signal wire which is provided with a plug and volume control switch. As the length of the radius rod in the connecting box is adjustable and the position of the link rod is movable around the end of the radius rod, the top of the head and the temples in the face bear the weight of the earphones and the radius rod, and the sounds produced by the sounder are transmitted into the antrum auris via the microphone, which transfers the stress point from the ears to near the temples, eliminating the feelings of distending pain and discomfort of the ears caused by the prior earphone. The terminal of the link rod can also be connected with a pickup, i. e., a transmitter besides a sounder, to produce earphones suitable to be used with MP3, computer, radio receiver or used in Internet bar.

The second one is Health Care Earphone: The utility model provides a pair of health-care earphone, which solves the problems that the prior earphone do harm to the hearing of the audience, the wearing is uncomfortable, the sound is not soft, and the communication with others is inconvenient, etc . The technical proposal is that the utility model comprises a pair of earphones (1) and a pair of semiclosed earflaps, wherein the earphones (1) are arranged fixedly in the round holes (4) in the earflap shells (3). The utility model avoids hearing loss of users, the use is convenient and comfortable, the sounds are clear and soft, and the utility model ensures normal communication with others.

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