Is it legal to buy tramadol online ?

Normally it is legal to buy non-controlled prescription online. But tramadol became controlled by DEA last year. It is illegal for US residents to buy tramadol online. But tramadol is not controlled in India, and it is legal to buy tramadol online in India. A lot of pain suffer began to buy tramadol in India.

As of August 2014 you Tramadol is considered a controlled substance which makes it illegal to buy without a prescription. It’s all a racket to make people in pain struggle to get their meds. I live in New York and the Cuomo made it illegal to purchase Tramadol last year. Now all the states have jumped on the band wagon so no more internet purchasing. The only companies that will ship it are not in the United States. Also they take E checks and then they have your banking info. My order got stopped at Customs and they had to reship it. It took a month to get it. The only way now to get Tramadol is by Doctor or borrowing someone else’s prescription which is not recommended and illegal.


India tramadol is very cheap. Tramadol 100mg and tramadol 50mg only be sought several cents per pill. If you buy tramadol from offshore, the cost is not tramadol itself, it includes delivery fee and credit card processing fee. Because the DEA and legit script donot allow US customers to buy tramadol online, the card processors greatly increased the process fee for tramadol and high rejection rate.

We donot suggest US residents buy tramadol in offshore pharmacies. Please first check whether you are addictive to tramadol. If you are additive to Tramadol, You need help. I know someone who is ordering tramadol off the net as well. They are a drug addict in serious need of help but refuses to admit their problem. They have been having numerous seizures from self-medicating and over-dosing on tramadol.

The additional danger of ordering off the net is that there is no longer the checks and balance in place for drug interaction that you get from going through a pharmacy. Check tramadol’s interaction with other drugs- for instance any type of depresssion meds can have a serious effect. There is a wealth of info on the net about tramadol abuse- just google it.


Some US residents near Mexico border go to mexico to buy tramadol.  If your close to Mexico you can find a bottle of 100 and are 100mg for around $23-25. I know it sucks and I’m not sure where your located but I know how you feel.

Here is also a good suggestion from a tramadol patient: You should be able to obtain a good amount with refills for them. You will have to pay though. If your really in pain it should be no problem. I have lowered my dose and I’m starting to feel much better. My pain is more apparent but it’s a trade off to enjoy life. I’m going to try and wean off totally. It’s controlling my life for too long now. I’m really starting to want to get rid of this now. Before I did not want to. Now I want to really bad. Good luck guys and remember, you can do it. I cold turkey a few times through the years but never lasted long and thought I was going to Die when I did it. Weaning off is the only way to do it. My wife gives them to me and they are locked in a safe so I have no way to sneak any. I had to go this route because I would find them if she hid them and eat them all. It was ridiculous. Now I’m making progress and feeling better.

If you needs tramadol to relieve your pain, please consider Gabapentin or fioricet instead. It is legal to buy gabapentin and generic fioricet online in US.



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