Knowing Chronic Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic pain is a pain that continues for more than twelve weeks. Chronic pain arises from initial injury, back sprain or illness, but there is no specific cause for the pain. There can be other reasons too like decreased appetite, mood changes, fatigue, sleep disturbances often lead to chronic pain.

Chronic Pain- Symptoms

  • Feeling stiffness, soreness, discomfort, tightness etc.,
  • Severe pain that doesn’t go away
  • Pain is also defined here as aching, burning, shooting

We cannot say that pain alone is a symptom, as it accompanies other health problems too and they include

  • Sleeplessness
  • Disability
  • Mood swings, depression, stress, anxiety, fear, irritatability etc.,
  • Weak Immune system


Pain is completely a subjective and personal experience. There is no tool that can measure or locate pain precisely. So, doctors depend on description that each patient provides to determine the location, type of pain. Pain is defined as dull or sharp, burning, aching, and continuous pain or on and off pain and these factors helps to determine the cause of the pain. This is like knowing the pain history while evaluating patient suffering from pain during the initial stages.

Chronic pay can occur in different locations of our body and the reasons may differ so patients along with their health professionals need to discuss and find out the symptoms and causes of pain and solutions for pain relief. Though technology has helped health professionals to diagnose pain to some extent, the best treatment known is involvement of health professionals along with patient’s help to know the pain type better.

Treatment for Chronic Pain

The main goal of treatment for chronic pain is to help reduce patient’s pain and improve function, in order to enable the patient carry out his/her daily activities smoothly. Patients and doctors can opt for various treatment options to treat pain. The results for each treatment differs and one thing which is important is to remember that is there is no cure for chronic pain, but the pain can be easily managed. Some of the common treatments to manage chronic pain are

Medications, nerve blocks, electric stimulation, acupuncture are some common treatments used to manage chronic pain. Relaxation therapies, invasive psychotherapy, behavior modification, biofeedback are various treatments used to manage chronic pain. Well, these methods prove to be effective in many people while others add some alternative medicines like acupuncture, massage therapies, meditation etc., to treat chronic pain.

Self Management Programs

Self management programs involves patient to participate actively for his/her own pain treatment, patients get engaged in solving the problems, making decisions, taking respective action to manage their pain. There are different programs that include different features but the basic idea behind these programs is to involve the patient and help them feel better, learn about pain and methods to treat them, make them feel positive, live a good life. In spite of pain, they should be able to feel better from within, fight pain. These programs help patients deal with pain and improve their health and life easily.

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