Many People Suffer from Neuropathic Pain

People have neuropathic pain for many reasons. It can be caused by a variety of different illnesses, injuries and accidents, aging and other reasons. It can dramatically impact the quality of a person’s life. Many seek a variety of different treatments to get relief.

Spinal cord injuries are one of the leading causes of this problem. Fibromyalgia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and other medical conditions can all contribute to this. Cancer, malignancies, chemotherapy are other related conditions. Toxins or nutritional deficiencies cause some of the problems. Diabetic neuropathy is also included because it has similar symptoms.

People who have these conditions may have many different manifestations of pain. They may feel neuropathic pain symptoms that include stabbing, burning, tingling, numbness, itching, pinching, spasms, tremors or feeling like one has had an electric shock. Many of these creep up on people very slowly. It will start out as something that seems fairly insignificant only to become unbearable later. Many people ignore the warning signals until it is causing constant pain.

In some cases, such as that of people who have diabetes, it is possible for other problems to occur as a result of the nerve problems. With this problem, people tend to have numbness in their feet. This can lead to them cutting themselves, getting blisters or other injuries that they may not notice. Because they tend to heal slower than other people, they have a much higher risk of having the injury become infected. This can cause considerable problems and without appropriate medical treatment, they can risk amputation.

People who are seeking neuropathic pain treatment may look in many directions. Most will try to follow any recommendations that their physician gives them. They may try things like antidepressants, opioids, topical medications or other methods depending on what the cause of the problem is. Some will obtain some measure of relief but others will not.

Those who cannot stop the progression or get relief from it may face additional obstacles. They may have trouble with their balance or walking. Ordinary things like carrying a bag of groceries can become difficult or impossible. They may not have the physical strength or dexterity to turn a doorknob or to open a jar. Sleep can be harder to get.

For people who have tried other methods, trying to approach the problem by providing nutritional support may help. Some people feel that good nutrition, rest and things like supplements that contain B vitamins and other minerals may be of use. Neuropathic pain may or may not show an improvement but it may be worth a try for many people.

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