What Causes Foot Pain?

Pain is an indicator that something is going wrong in person’s body and needs to be taken care of. Foot pain is one of the most common diseases. A research showed that 75% of people have suffered from at least one form of foot pain during their lives.

Our bodies are like machines. They have joints and links. In time, these joints wear and tear, so they need to be taken care of regularly. Foot pain is not just a pain that is going to go away after some time, but it can get serious if ignored. The foot has to be positioned properly in order to function correctly. Any kind of twisting or over-Pronation will cause severe damage to the foot and will also change the way the body’s bio-mechanics function.

Foot pain can be divided into three main categories. The most common one is the Biomechanical Pain which is caused by functionality disorder in the foot. In this type of pain, all increased activities may cause the foot condition to worsen over time. It may take other symptoms such as knee pain or body misalignment. There are many reasons why biomechanical pain happens such as foot misalignment. Foot misalignment is caused by excessive weights, which can put a lot of pressure on the foot; especially the heels. Wearing tight shoes or high heels is not recommended for those who suffer from foot pain. Any kind of injury may affect the foot such as fractures, bruises or trauma. Any of those conditions can have very serious consequences on the foot proper mechanics.

Infections can have serious impact on human bones, especially the legs. One can be infected by bacteria or microbes. Bacterial infections have the ability to cause death to the patient. But we need to have bigger scope on these diseases. Not only does foot pain come from foot-related diseases, but it may also be caused by other diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Those are examples of systemic diseases and each one of them has its own way affecting the foot.

Diabetes reduces the amount of blood supply that is going down to the foot. As a result, it causes severe damage to the nerves down the legs. This is why systemic diseases are very dangerous to the foot.

Arthritis is a condition in which the body’s joints are affected and cause a significant pain to the patient. When combined with mechanical abnormality, severe consequences may occur.

There are many treatment methods to foot pain, but we need to consider all of the above symptoms and causes so that a perfect solution can be chosen amongst all available solutions. DocPods help heal the biomechanical foot pain. DocPod Orthotic helps support the natural arches and limit the pain caused by the disease. There are three different types of the DocPod Orthotic: The Ultra Soft Orthotics, 3 Quarter Orthotics, designed for people work use, and Slimline Orthotics, designed for fashionable shoes.

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