What treatment can be used for chronic pain ?

Chronic pain is a complex and potentially debilitating condition that can affect every part of the human body. Everyone experiences pain of some kind, but chronic pain sufferers face reduced productivity at work, distractions at home, and a depleted sense of health and well-being brought on by prolonged periods of intense discomfort.

There are a lot of treatment methods used to treat chronic pain including:

1. Pain Relief Medications;
2. Acupuncture;
3. Local electrical stimulation;
4. Brain stimulation;
5. Surgery;
6. Placebos;
7. Psychotherapy;
8. Relaxationand medication therapies;
9. Biofeedback;
10. Behavior modification
11. Exercise
12. Interventional Pain Management
13. Healthy Food Healthy Food
14. sychotherapy (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)

Chronic pain treatment

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