You may get addicted to Fioricet

Taking high doses of Fioricet can cause you to build a tolerance to the medication, leading to a need for greater and greater amounts of the drug to achieve the same effect. Eventually, someone can build both a physical and psychological dependence on the medication. Withdrawal occurs when you stop taking Fioricet and includes symptoms such as convulsions and delirium. The average barbiturate addict takes about 1500mg a day. The butalbital in Fioricet is what gives the medication its addictive potential.  Butalbital is a central nervous system depressant which can cause drowsiness and impair mental and physical abilities.

Treatment for the physical withdrawal symptoms is usually cautious withdrawal of the drug over a certain length of time. This allows the person to be weaned off the Fioricet slowly, which reduces the uncomfortable symptoms. Combination therapy consists of behavioral and cognitive therapies. This kind of Fioricet abuse treatment is designed to tackle the intense psychological dependency a person has with Fioricet addiction. Trained psychologists and psychiatrists will work with the person, teaching them coping strategies that they can implement in to their life. Teaching someone who is Fioricet dependent how to cope will reduce the chances of them going back to the drug. A person can undertake this therapy as part of specific detoxification program. This type of program is available at rehabilitation centers and hospitals. It is also possible for a person to take part in a supervised rehabilitation program in their own home.



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