How do I use Kratom for pain relief?

How do I use Kratom for pain relief?
I deal with a lot of pain on a daily basis and pretty much take Tylenol & Motrin way too much. So I came across Kratom online while researching natural pain relief. How does it work for pain relief? What is a dosage for pain relief and the best way to take it? Also, where is a legitimate place to buy online? even though anyone has experience using this for pain relief I would greatly appreciate your help!! Thanks!

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Answer by housebuilder
I have been using Kratom for several years to control pain. Kratom comes in a powder. For me, it controls pain about the same as Darvocet used to before it (Darvocet) got discontinued. I take about a teaspoonful in a glass of orange juice. It doesn’t mix very well and the taste is quite bitter. I start to feel a big energy boost and pain relief within 3 minutes. This lasts about 3 hours. Many places on the Internet provide good quality Kratom at good prices. It isn’t illegal to order unless you live in Indiana and perhaps Vermont.

I usually order mine from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. It comes within 3 days. I have included a link to my pharmacy so you can get more info about Kratom. I don’t sell Kratom though.

I used to have chronic migraine, but eventually outgrew the condition a year ago at the age of 50. Now I have early stage Leukemia and I use Kratom to control back pain and lethargy. It has been a godsend to me!

Good luck

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