What is Fioricet and was my dr right for prescribing it to me?

What is Fioricet and was my dr right for prescribing it to me?
my dr prescribed this to me yesterday for my All kinds of Headache and back pain.. im pregnant and having a “threatened miscarriage” and it says it has caffeine in it. I didnt think caffeine would b good for me? Also, a friend told me that all fioricet is is just tylenol is that true?

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It’s is most certainly not “just tylenol” although the active ingredient in tylenol, acetaminophen, is also present in your fioricet pills. You’re right about it containing caffeine (helps with All kinds of Headache to some extent, but not back pain). The tylenol will help with both the All kinds of Headache and back pain to some extent as well. However, it also has a third ingredient, butabital. Butabital is a barbiturate. Basically, this slows your body down a bit, suppresses your pain, relaxes you, helps to do away with any anxiety you might be feeling. This may sound wonderful, and it will probably feel pretty good, but be careful not to take more than prescribed because you can become addicted to it. Enjoy the pleasantries, but don’t get to used to them because you won’t have them anymore once you’re feeling better. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor if you could be on something a little weaker, caffeine and butabital aren’t great for the baby, but shouldn’t be too awful. If you can manage the pain, just taking tylenol every now and then when it’s at it’s worst would be preferable.

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