What pain relief medicine should i order for extracting my wisdom teeth?

What pain relief medicine should i order for extracting my wisdom teeth?
I just extracted two of my bottom wisdom teeth and i the doctor didn’t give me a prescription for pain relief medicine. Can you guys recommend what i should get?

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Answer by coco pops
codis,or cocodamol or iburofen….works a treat

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  1. This is what I was told in the hospital by nurses. And they tell this to patients who don’t have drug plans because it works so well.

    Equal amount of tylenol and advil, but only up to two of each. The store brand equivalents will work just as well.

    It worked for me.

  2. Ibuprophen is the best for pain, reduces swelling as well. You can use ice packets(in ziploc bag) and keep on for 15 mins at a time, it helps as well. Good luck.

  3. I would call and ask him to prescribe something. If it wasn’t very complicated though, you would probably do fine w/ about 4-600 mg motrin and 2 hours later, 2 tylenol for the first 24-36 hours.

  4. When you have your teeth extracted, the most common script is ibuprofen 800mg. This not only kills the pain, but it helps with swelling too. Try to stray away from aspirin. Also, Eat something when taking this much Ibuprofen….it can damage your liver:)

  5. A BIG bottle of Jack Daniels! I’m not kidding, either! The old school way of helping kids with teething pain, was to put whiskey on it. Rinse with it, drink it, whatever!

  6. acracker–is right. The only thing–don’t be eating today and someone said to rinse–do not rinse today. You will get a dry socker and that is bad. I know from experience. But the medication–800 mg. of ibuprophen is what my dentist would order–and the ice packs will help. Good luck

  7. 600mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours –that is a safe amount to take each day, but you should not exceed this amount.

  8. As a dentist myself I always recommend Motrin (Ibuprofen), this is the best Over The Counter pain reliever as it will not only help with pain but will also help with inflammation. I usually recommend that my patients take between 600-800mg for ages over 18. Also try an ice pack, this will help numb the area affected and help with inflammation as well. If the pain becomes severe you may want to consider calling your dentists emergency number for advice or to have him/her call you in some narcotic pain medication. Good luck and feel better soon!

  9. Dr. Chris is right, when I had an abscess the only thing that worked was Ibuprofen, so I know it will for an extraction. Hope you feel better soon and use lots of ice packs!!

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